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Clean Rain Ultra

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1. Hydro Activated Filtration™ technology uses the rainwater’s force to deflect leaves and debris off the screen.
2. The cover and cap provide a stylish, integrated finish and in colder climates, avert snow and ice blockage.
3. An easily accessible on/off switch to direct your rainwater for collection or return to normal downspout functioning.
4. Specially designed overflow mechanism ensures excess water safely overflows down your downspout.
5. Smart Sense™ First Flush functionality ensures the majority of contaminants from the roof are flushed down the downspout.
6. Smart Sense’s self regulating valve automatically adjusts to divert the optimum amount of dirty rainwater based on the intensity of the rainfall event.
7. Clean Rain Ultra automatically resets itself after every rainfall.
8. The hose outlet fits standard garden, pool and sump hoses and the cap removes to fit 3" Schedule 40 pipe.