30" Copper Bowl - Round - 4" Spillway picture

30" Copper Bowl - Round - 4" Spillway

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  • Copper Fountain Bowls are a stylish and elegant addition to any landscape or hardscape
  • Atlantic Copper Fountain Bowls are crafted out of solid copper
  • Copper Fountain Bowls may be used alone as a decorative accent in fountains or ponds or to start a waterfall
  • Copper Fountain Bowls are designed to form a natural patina over time
  • 30" diameter bowl features a 4" spillway for a gentle water flow and calming effect
  • 30" Copper Fountain Bowl and Pedestal may be used in combination with the 36" Copper Fountain Bowl on an Eco-Rise System
  • Bowls feature dual 1.5" FiPT inlets and standpipe for lighting and water supply
  • Dual inlets allow water supply to be plumbed independently from lighting cords. Use Atlantic's Cord Seal Fitting to pass the light cord into the bowl through the second inlet
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